Terms, Conditions and Venue Requirements

Please read the following carefully. All business is conducted in accordance with these Terms, Conditions and Venue Requirements. By booking a course the client is deemed to have read and accepted these. Clients are asked to make their delegates aware of the sections on Fitness to attend, Dress code, Health, Safety, Equal Opportunities and Requalifier courses:
Course fees
Course fees are payable in full, in advance or by arrangement at time of course delivery with a cheque to the course tutor. We accept payment by cheque or BACS only. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. The 'client' is understood to be the buyer and is the person or organisation booking the course: we do not invoice third parties. If the clients payment system requires 'Approved Supplier' status, Purchase Order numbers (or similar) it is the clients responsibility to ensure all arrangements are made in advance of the course. We will invoice at time of course booking: we cannot invoice after a course has taken place and do not extend credit unless specifically agreed in advance, in writing. Monies outstanding beyond agreed terms will be recovered with interest in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. We reserve the right to cancel any course booking if fees remain outstanding and where no alternative payment arrangements have been made 14 days prior to course start date. All prices quoted are subject to change without notice.
Course cancellation or postponement
The clients written or electronic booking is confirmation of course dates and timings. Late cancellation or postponement of a course by the client represents a loss of income to us as it is unlikely that we can secure replacement work at short notice and are still obliged to pay tutor fees. Because work is based on geographical location, cancellation can also affect other bookings, accommodation and travel plans. We ask that clients do not arrange courses until they are reasonably certain of having sufficient numbers to make the course viable. Cancellations or postponements received 14 days or less before course start date will still attract 100% fee.
Course fee includes cost of 1 x certificate per delegate. Extra certificates are available at a cost of £5.00 (incl VAT) each. Certificates are the property of the client who paid for the course and will not be posted to individual course delegates. Certificates will not be sent until course fees have been paid in full. Certificates can be issued on completion of the course if delegate names have been submitted to us in advance and payment has been made in advance or at time of course delivery.
Fitness to attend
The Health and Safety Executive requires that first aiders should have the ability to cope with stressful and physically demanding emergency procedures.  Delegates with medical ailments are not obliged to divulge these to the tutor but are asked not to place themselves in any situations of discomfort, pain or to undertake any practice likely to aggravate an existing condition.  Clients are asked to advise their delegates that anyone not able to carry out the practical skills will not be able to receive certification as a first aider.


Dress code, Health, Safety and Equal Opportunities

Delegates should dress casually, appropriate for practical floorwork. Skirts/dresses, high heels, loose jewellery, etc should be avoided. First aid and emergency care skills can be dangerous if practiced incorrectly or unsupervised.  Delegates are asked to pay close attention to the tutor at all times and not to practice techniques unless supervised. Clients are asked to make their delegates aware before the course that they will be required to work in physical contact with and to touch fellow students and that this may include members of the opposite sex.  This will take place in a supervised environment and will be relevant and appropriate to the course content. Having been informed in advance of this and by volunteering to come onto a course the delegate has consented to this contact. Delegates are asked to maintain a high degree of awareness and respect for the dignity, beliefs and personal ‘space’ of fellow students at all times.  Please contact us if a fuller explanation is needed. Delegates who are unwilling to participate in the practical aspects of the course will not be able to receive certification as first aiders.
First Aid at Work Requalifier courses
Delegates attending 2 day First Aid at Work Requalifier courses must be in possession of a First Aid at Work certificate which is no more than 28 days past the original 3 year expiry date.
Force Majeur

ABC First Aid Ltd cannot be held liable for costs arising from a booking not met by us due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather or travel conditions, vehicle failure, personal injury/illness, etc. If such a situation arises, ABC First Aid Ltd will offer alternative dates and if these are not acceptable, course fees will be refunded. ABC First Aid Ltd will not be liable for any difference in fees if the client opts for the services of another training provider.

Venue requirements
Please read the following carefully. The terms of our HSE approval requires that training is conducted in a suitable environment and by booking a course you are understood to have met all venue requirements. If you anticipate difficulty with any of these, please contact us in advance to discuss. We will not deliver training in unsuitable locations or where a client has not made reasonable efforts to ensure the smooth operation of the course. Failure to provide a suitable venue or make adequate arrangements on the day will result in immediate cancellation of the course in which case the full course fee will still be payable.




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